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We work with the entire design team on the one model, it allows for greater transparency across multiple professions and reduce errors across disciplines.

What is BIM?

BIM, or Building Information Modelling, is a process that involves creating an intelligent 3D model to communicate project decisions. It enables various professions and the client to interact with their building in a manner that 2D plans cannot achieve.

Design, visualisation, simulation and collaboration are enabled by BIM to provide greater clarity for all stakeholders across the project lifecycle. BIM makes it easier to achieve project and business goals.

Aside from upcoming Government legislation, there are a number of reasons to use BIM for your project. One such reason is helping reduce time spent at the design stage by aiding the client is visualise their building in 3D rather than off 2D plans which can often be found to be difficult.

One of BIM’s biggest advantages is the production of data for a given project, the platform used to store this is known as ‘COBie’. This is an excel like spreadsheet that contains as much or as little information about the building as you choose. Information such as the number/type/location of light fittings can be documented here, or the square footage of blockwork required for the entire build, or the type/location of ducting required to name a few examples. This is advantageous to both the contractors and the client in helping cost a project efficiently.

Whilst reducing design fees and construction errors, BIM is also geared towards post construction Building Maintenance and helping manage a building across its entire lifecycle, not just the construction phase. 

Some other advantages of BIM include:
  • BIM reduces un-budgeted change by up to 40% for a given project
  • BIM reduces the time taken in cost estimation by up to 80%
  • BIM reduces overall project time by up to 7%
  • BIM improves clash detection (onsite errors not visible/easily spotted in 2D) and thereby reduces Capital project costs by up to 10%
BIM– the future:

Similar to the introduction of CAD to replace the drawing board, BIM is the future of designing buildings and offers long term facility management. The objective of the 2011 Construction Strategy issued by the Government aims to improve cost, value and carbon performance across the construction sector, they view BIM and the sharing of digital information as a key component is achieving this. The requirements for 2016 are an acceleration of adopting BIM throughout the UK and in turn keeping up the pace with the international construction trend.

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