Outsource Your Telecoms Design

UK Based, operating Worldwide

We have extensive Telecoms based experience with highly skilled and trained staff of engineering professionals and excellent infrastructure and technology resources to effectively manage the most complex services requirements. We provide CAD and design services  plus structural, electrical and ICNIRP analysis.

Our Services

We offer a range of services in CAD and engineering for various industries.

Planning Drawings

Initial design drawings for both planning, design and permit applications. We provide for all site types including streetworks, greenfields and rooftops

Construction Drawings

We provide an end to end design service to allow the build company to build the site. The drawings include all fabrication details along with structural and electrical design

Other Drawings

We offer various drawings including as built, fabrication drawings, PDF to CAD conversions, volume CAD and more

Electrical Design

Electrical solutions and schematics for all cell sites using industry standard software. Services include cable & load calcs, volt drop analysis and more

Structural Design

We offer a range of structural services including GDCs, mount calcs, foundation checks and more using the latest structural software.

RF Compliance

We produce ICNIRP reports where we text for both public and occupational EMF compliance along with solutions on how to mitigate.

Why OutsourceCAD?

There are many advantages in outsourcing your CAD and using our services

Uk Based Company, 2D CAD

UK Based Team

We have in-house expertise in a variety of professions which allows us to provide complete CAD service solutions to a wide range of sectors


Client Centric

We view our clients as partners not simply outsourcing. We work with some of the most well known companies in UK, America and beyond


Quality First

We operate a quality first approach, meaning we have checklists and QA checkers to ensure we submit the best quality to our clients


SLA Driven

We monitor all our work to ensure we meet your deadlines whilst still maintaining quality. All work is shown on online shared trackers

Our clients

We have the privilege of working with some of the most well known clients in UK, America and beyond. We view our clients as partners and work collaboratively with them to achieve results.

Discuss your CAD requirements with us

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