Redline Markups vs As Built Drawings

Regardless of how large or small a construction project is, amendments will most likely be made to your original plans. For example, you may need to adapt your design to safety and security risks, the location or unexpected barriers. Therefore, understanding the correct process to make changes to your designs is essential. This is especially important for gaining planning permissions and keeping your team safe during construction. There is a lot of misconception on whether Redline Markups and As Built Drawing are the same thing. However, despite being very similar, there are differences between the two.

Redline Markups

Redline Markups are quite self-explanatory. During the construction process and site survey, changes are likely to be made to the original plans. Any alterations will need to be professionally marked in red, over the original design drawings. This should then be resubmitted for approval before the change can take place.

Having a CAD Specialist complete your Redline Mark-ups is especially important for time conscious projects, struggling with processing planning permission.

As Built Drawings

As Built Drawings are a collection of drawings which are submitted when a project is complete. Within these revised drawings you should find all changes made to the original design and specifications during construction documented. They will be very detailed, including the exact dimensions and specific locations of each aspect of the entire project.

Using As Built Drawings during construction is important for several reasons. Firstly, they provide detail into the processes of safety management and hazard analysis requirements for each project. This also includes where the shut off valve for key functions is located. Secondly, they keep the entire team informed on the progress of the project and safety precautions.

The Difference

Redline Markups are edits you make along the way, while construction is ongoing. You will need these for approval before making the changes. As Built Drawings are your final drawings, comparing the original design against the final alterations after everything has been completed. As Built Drawings will also include the finalised details that everyone who works on the new build in the future need to be aware of.

Outsourcing Your CAD Services

At Outsource CAD we offer professional CAD services to assist with construction and architectural projects. Our As Built Drawing Services include surveying and supplied mark-ups and our Redline Markup can vary from starting from scratch to amending existing CAD designs.

For more information on our CAD services, get in touch with our team.


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