5 Reasons Why Your Project Needs BIM Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a creative process which uses intelligent 3D models to communicate project decisions. This allows professionals working in different industries to present their ideas to a client with an interactive 3D design. BIM Modelling enables greater design, visualisation, collaboration and simulation compared to 2D designs. This allows clients to interact with different concepts and therefore gain a more clear and realistic understanding of the idea.

Introducing BIM modelling into your next project can be very beneficial and here’s how:

Time Efficiency

The time efficiency of BIM is very advantageous particularly with large scale projects. BIM modelling reduces un-budgeted change by up to 40% for any given project and reduces the time taken in cost estimation by up to 80%. In total, this reduces overall project time by up to 7%.

3D Design

Developing your ideas through 3D design provides higher accuracy compared with 2D drawings. With 3D, you can conceptualise your ideas to scale to lessen your risk of discovering measurement mistakes during construction.

Architects and engineers favour 3D design for the opportunities it has brought to construction modelling, which were unheard of only a few years ago. 3D design is not only beneficial visually, it is time effective, accurate and is a big advantage when pitching to your client.

Clash Detection

Introducing BIM to the design process will improve clash detection. These are onsite errors which are not easily spotted in 2D design. Therefore, when found it can push a 10% reduction on capital project costs.


When working on a project as part of a team, strong collaboration is essential. Having a model of your idea rather than a drawing makes it much easier for team members to share their suggestions and criticisms in a way that is clear, precise and visual. Therefore, using BIM improves communication, trust and creative freedom – all key aspects of excellent team work.

Future Potential

Many industry experts believe that Building Information Modelling is the future of building designs with effective long term facility management. Since the government legalisation, our team at Outsource CAD have watched the demand for BIM increase steadily as more architects and engineers are looking to update their project resources for better results.

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