Piping Layout Drawing Services for Oil and Gas Industries

Designing complex piping layouts can pose many difficulties to Oil and Gas contractors, who are short on time and have little room for error. As a result of this, outsourcing piping layout drawing services has emerged as a great alternative to in-house operations.

Piping layouts, also known as piping arrangements, are detailed plans that show all of the equipment, routes, dimensions and valves, along with many other things, that make up an Oil and Gas plant.

They are used to enable the plant contractor to visualise the overall relationship of all the piping systems, steelwork and supporting equipment, as well as their locations. A lack of piping arrangement will force the plant personnel to create their own sketches, which can be time consuming and is likely to result in costly errors.

With that in mind, it is a viable option for most contractors to outsource their Oil and Gas piping design to a company that specialises in CAD and design services.

At Outsource CAD, we offer a wide range of piping layout drawing services to Oil and Gas industries. Here are some of the services you could look to use in your next project.

3D Piping Layout

For the majority of Oil and Gas contractors, the number one priority is for them and their plant workers to be able to visualise the workings of a piping project. By using the latest CAD software, we can provide clients with high-quality 3D Piping Layout drawings. These help to turn basic 2D plans into realistic representations of what the final design should look like.

P&ID Drawings

When designing a piping layout, it is not only critical to understand the physical layout of the pipes, but it is also vital that plant personnel know how and where the systems connect. P&ID Drawings, which are required for health and safety investigations, offer a detailed plan of the plant’s instrumentations and designations.

To better a client’s understanding of the piping layout, we can also provide a Tag Extraction service, which helps plant workers and contractors to check and validate data from the plant more efficiently.

Redline Markups

Traditionally used for architectural projects, Redline Markups, which can be used to create new layouts or edit existing CAD designs, can be a useful tool for Oil and Gas contractors who are struggling to get their head around a piping layout. At Outsource CAD, we have completed an array of Redline Markup projects for Oil and Gas contractors, including a piping layout design for Tilbury Power Station in Essex.

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