Bringing Building Designs to Life With Photorealistic Rendering

For any building project it is important for the client to get a true visual representation of what their desired structure will look like once constructed.

Fortunately, the guess-work associated with traditional blue-prints and sketches are now a thing of the past, as modern computer aided drawing techniques help us to produce realistic and authentic 3D projections of how a building will look when completed.

One such technique is Photorealistic Rendering, an innovative and ground-breaking practice that offers important advantages for construction projects. Here we explain just a few of those benefits:

Managing Expectation

The primary benefit of Photorealistic Rendering is that it allows clients to see a vivid projection of how the finished building will look once completed. This means that each project can begin with agreed expectations, peace of mind, and a greatly increased chance of customer satisfaction.

Adapting to Change

Using a Photorealistic Rendering Service helps to manage amendments to construction plans when changes such as design, budget or timescale occur. This makes it far easier to agree on adjustments made to the original plans and provides added confidence that the proposed changes are appropriate for the project.

Planning Permission

The majority of building projects are subject to ‘red tape’ such as planning permission, often causing unwelcome delays in construction. Photorealistic Rendering can play a significant role in reducing such delays, offering local councils and preservation bodies a comprehensive representation of how a building will appear and how it will affect the surrounding areas.

Lowering Costs

Because Photorealistic Rendering allows a client to see a 3D perception of how a building will look, they have a unique chance to suggest and visualise changes before work begins. This can reduce expenditure considerably by avoiding amendments occurring during the project that lead to increased labour costs, downtime and wasted materials.

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Outsource CAD is a team of experienced CAD technicians who offer accurate and efficient Photorealistic Rendering services. To discover more about our range of services and how your project can benefit, please contact our friendly team today.


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