Photorealistic Rendering for Client Proposals

To succeed in gaining client approval, you need to invest time into creating an undeniably great client proposal. Outlining your project objectives, breaking down tasks to be completed and a practical timeline are all key points to include. However, to keep your client enthusiastic during your proposal, consider using photorealistic rendering in your presentation.

Photorealistic rendering is quite similar to 3D modelling. Using 3D rendering you can bring your design to life to help your client and team to visualise the end result.

Explore the benefits of photorealistic rendering for client proposals below:

Gaining Planning Permission

Photorealistic rendering is great for envisioning the end result of your product on an accurate scale. This can therefore assist you in gaining planning permission by clearly showing them your project requirements. For example, you can demonstrate how you plan to use and protect the surrounding land during your project. Clients can then prepare for this, as well as provide requirements for your project to be approved.

By using 3D rendering to make it easier for clients to make their own recommendations before construction has begun, it can save you a lot of time and resources.

Accurate Representation

The accuracy of photorealistic rendering will allow you to identify problems early and fix them accordingly during the design stage. In addition, it can help to resolve internal disagreements on aspects of the design before you present the final blueprints, thereby providing your client with the best possible solution, with many potential issues already addressed and prepared for.

Positive Experience

With the added value photorealistic rendering offers to client proposals, you can build a much more positive, engaging and optimistic experience. The quality of your presentation will be more professional, trustworthy and valuable, making it more attractive for client approval.

After a successful presentation, many clients may recommend you within their network. Through word of mouth, your brand can quickly become a go-to service within the industry for future projects.

Enquire About Photorealistic Rendering

At Outsource CAD we have a dedicated team of experienced CAD engineers available to help. We have worked on countless projects involving our 3D rendering services, including multi-unit commercial buildings, Fleetwood’s Tidal Barrage and architectural services. With successful results, you can rely on us for quality work that ticks every box.

With a close eye for detail and extensive knowledge in computer aided design, get in touch to see how we can help with future client proposals.


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