Your Guide to Going Digital with Architecture

The digital revolution is introducing new opportunities for industries such as architecture, where the demand for accuracy and impressive proposals is high. Digital information is well structured and can easily be distributed throughout the company, making it a great advancement to consider.

With so much to offer, read our guide to going digital in architecture with Outsource CAD:

Client Proposals

One of the key aspects to get right in any project is the client proposal. This is the opportunity to communicate to your client the goals and roles of the project, so it is worth investing time into creating something great.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a specialist service that the Outsource CAD team can use to turn your design concepts into reality. With digitalised 3D models, we can offer more clarity and accuracy than a traditional drawing, so clients will be able to experience the ins and outs of your design with 3D walk throughs. This offers greater understanding and easier navigation of the proposed structure.

Design Accuracy

Accuracy is crucial for the smooth running of architectural projects. Without digital assistance, human error is more likely and can be more time consuming. Revit Services help clients work out specific BIM requirements for their upcoming projects, offering increased accuracy and precision in architectural designs and greater transparency for everyone involved.

Onsite Checks

When searching for an appropriate construction site, there are lots of things to consider. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyse, manage and present all types of spatial or geographical data, including:

  • Basic Mapping: A geographical overview including buildings, parks, streets, rivers, amenities and regional boundaries.
  • Demographic Mapping: Offering a range of data about an area, such census figures, health, wealth and access to key services including education.
  • Environmental Mapping: Information concerning the environmental factors of an area, including environmental risk, air quality, pollution, topography and the availability of natural resources.

This will allow your team to complete various checks before starting construction. Thereby reducing health and safety risks and disruption to the project.


With the construction of your next project, there will be lots of jobs to cover. MEP Engineering is something to consider for those in the HVAC, piping, electrical, lighting and plumbing industries. As well as providing ISO views, BOM counting and automatic scheduling, a MEP Engineer can offer MEP designs for coordinate services.

Working with Outsource CAD

At Outsource CAD we offer a range of computer aided design services to support architectural and large scale projects. As well as architectural services, we also specialise in oil, gas and M&E drawings.

If you are looking to introduce digital into your planning processes, complete our enquiry form today.


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