Outsource CAD Services for Oil and Gas Industries

As the oil and gas industries continue to grow at a rapid rate, the need for manufacturers to outsource their CAD services is becoming more and more prominent.

A wide range of factors, from increasing costs to ever-changing health and safety risks, have created new pressures for designers and engineers working in the industry.

Although the systems are becoming significantly more complex, the resources required to design and construct them are reducing.

With that in mind, outsourcing CAD services has emerged as a viable option to tackle these issues. At Outsource CAD, we use the latest CAD software, such as AutoCAD and MicroStation, to provide a range of high-quality services for oil and gas industries:

Redline Markups

Redline Markups come in many different shapes and sizes, but their importance in the design process stays the same. During the construction process, you may need to make changes to your plans for safety reasons, or you may just want to speed up the planning permission process.

Whatever your goal is, our experienced CAD specialists will deliver your professional Redline Markups in a format that suits you.

As Built Drawings

Similar to Redline Markups, As Built Drawings are used to make amendments to an original design. However, they are only submitted when the project is complete. Read our recent blog ‘Redline Markups vs As Built Drawings’, which compares the two in more detail.

These drawings are particularly useful in the oil and gas industry, as they provide detailed information regarding the dimensions and locations of key components, such as shut-off valves.

3D Piping Layouts

Visualising what the final layout is going to look like is an extremely helpful tool for oil and gas contractors.

At Outsource CAD, we use the latest CAD software to turn basic 2D plans into sophisticated 3D Piping Layouts.

P&ID Drawings

Understanding how the piping system will flow is also vital in oil and gas plants. P&ID Drawings detail the exact designations of 3D Piping Layouts and are also required in Health and Safety investigations.

Additionally, P&ID Tag Extractions allow engineers to effectively extract and use data from the drawings to improve their systems.

Outsourcing Your CAD Services

We have extensive experience of supplying our external CAD resources to oil and gas industries. Over time, we have carried out 1600 Redline Markups, produced 500 P&ID Drawings and worked with global oil companies.

For more information about our Oil and Gas CAD services, please contact our team.


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