M&E Drawings for Your Upcoming Project

Investing in M&E Drawings for your upcoming project can help your team greatly. These CAD Drawings will act as a guide throughout construction on the mechanics and electrics of your project. Outsourcing your M&E Drawings will allow you to benefit from the essential skills and knowledge of an external specialist team.

Advantages of M&E Drawings

M&E Drawings provide in-depth insights into various developments within your project’s infrastructure. In these CAD Drawings you can expect to find details on:

  • Power supply and distribution
  • Control systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Computing instrumentation
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Tools and machinery

M&E Drawings can guide your team, to prepare them for potential hazards and design opportunities. It can also inform them on regulations and required permits they were not previously aware of. Thereby saving time, resources and limiting disruptions.

Outsourcing M&E Drawings

Outsourcing your M&E Drawings to a team of CAD engineers will provide you with an extra set of skills. Hiring M&E Drawings specialists will provide expertise in the relevant regulations and permits, as well as weather and land conditions. It will also allow your internal team to focus on their own areas of expertise in the meantime.

External specialists will also provide key industry knowledge, lower planning times and a support network of valuable professionals. Something your current team may not already have.

What We Offer

Mechanical and electrical Drawings help with the coordination and installation of the mechanical and electrical side of construction. At Outsource CAD we use your architectural plans and 2D mechanical and electrical drafts and transform them into 3D coordinated designs. This provides greater precision and depth in your drawings, for a more realistic visual of the desired end result. It can also help you to identify weaknesses in your plans before you commence construction.

Our core services include initial design drawings, detailed construction drawings, as installed drawings, Revit and 3D walk throughs. In addition, our team are able to provide drawings for manufacturing, packaged plant rooms, builders work and reflected ceilings.

Get in Touch

At Outsource CAD we are here to provide an extra set of hands to get your construction projects started. With essential industry knowledge and valuable experience, you can rely on our team to provide a first-class job. Previously, our Mechanical and electrical team have worked on major projects, including the Titanic Quarter, Victoria Square and various complexes in Romania.

To find out more about our Coordinated Mechanical and electrical Drawings, complete our enquiry form today.


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