How Revit Can Support Your BIM Services

With major architectural developments, precision is crucial. Revit architecture allows clients to identify specific BIM requirements for their upcoming projects. With this service, you can improve your team’s accuracy and efficiency in design and construction projects.

Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the process of creating intelligent 3D models to turn project designs into something more tangible. Therefore, providing clarity when communicating your ideas to clients on what you are aiming to achieve.

BIM offers design, visualisation, simulation and collaboration for more accurate and reliable planning. In 2011, UK Government legalisation was passed to announce that all centrally procured UK Government projects by 2016 must involve BIM services.

Benefits of Revit Services

Improved Collaboration

Effective collaboration among a team of diverse professions will allow greater transparency in a project. Through the Revit software, authorised users can be granted easy access for flexibility and clarity on project processes. Implementation of the software can clear communication and dodge errors across disciplines, thus improving team collaboration.

Efficient Planning

Revit services have revolutionised the processes of design and construction in architecture. With Revit software, architects can sketch ideas and go back to make appropriate changes, thereby allowing designers to provide clear project previews for clients. The software also offers a customisable set of parametric building design components for future projects.

Multifunctional Software

As a multifunctional software, Revit support is very worth investing in. The complex range of capabilities provided by the software are undeniably essential in BIM projects, providing accuracy and efficiency.

  • Improved team productivity
  • Minimised turnaround time
  • Improved greater coordination and collaboration
  • Risk reduction and management
  • Increased public confidence
  • Waste minimisation

Risk Management

With easy access to Revit documents, this therefore allows the team to make changes quickly and conveniently. Revit services will also allow you to identify potential errors before it is too late. Therefore, allowing you to prepare in advance and make the advised changes to eliminate errors. This will help to save a lot of time and resources during project delivery.

Getting in Touch

At Outsource CAD we provide a diverse range of CAD services, to support your future infrastructure projects. With a team built on expertise and experience, we can provide quality results in CAD, BIM and GIS services.

With a variety of services, our teams’ eye for detail offers precision for greater reliability and cost reduction. We will support your team in upcoming architectural projects to implement efficient planning and advanced designs.

For more information on how our Revit services can support BIM, make an enquiry today.


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