How As Built Drawings Can Assist Oil and Gas Industries

At Outsource CAD our team has a diverse set of skills, allowing us to offer quality computer aided design solutions to an extensive range of clients. For teams within the oil and gas industries looking for a specialist service in As Built Drawings, we are here to help.

What Are As Built Drawings?

At the end of a project, a contractor will present As Built Drawings. Also referred to as red-line drawings or record drawings. These revised set of drawings will show comparisons between the original project specifications and the final specifications.

For example, they may cover design changes, modifications, field changes or any extra works which occurred during the project.

In addition to your revised set of drawings, there will be a detailed blueprint of your project and the surrounding land. Within your blueprints will be ground surveys to monitor how everything changed during construction.

How As Built Drawings Can Assist Oil and Gas Industries

As well as oil and gas industries, As Built Drawings are necessary in various fields of work for many reasons. Reasons such as health and safety, team communication and future work.

Details of the processes involved in safety management and the hazard analysis requirements for projects will be included in your As Built Drawings. This will include key information, such as the location of key functions.

As well as being important for your team to access, it will be helpful to have As Built Drawings to pass onto future teams working on your project.

The level of detail required in As Built Drawings will help to keep communication and efficiency clear throughout your project. As Built Drawings will also document the location of every pipe, wire and duct. This will help to direct your team to make it easier to change elements of your project.

The specialist behind your As Built Drawings should be aware of all changes and alterations made to the project, no matter how big or small. All information is critical and should never be erased, with dates and numbers of revisions being noted with every adjustment.

Enquiring about As Built Drawings

At Outsource CAD, our team of highly experienced and skilled architectural team have worked alongside a diverse portfolio of clients. While working to exacting standards, we are able to achieve results with Oil and Gas industries looking to recruit CAD specialists. Our team can help with both contract and project specific requirements, employing the latest modern software in AutoCAD and Microstation.

For further information, you can contact our team at info@outsourcecad.com


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