2D CAD drawing describes the process of drafting technical drawings, along with annotating designs. 2D CAD technicians use computer aided software which allows them to develop designs for landscaping layouts, floor plans, building inspection plans and building permit drawings. Using CAD software for your designs allows the team to draft designs with greater ease in less time. You can achieve precise designs without the need of stencils, along with designs with the required annotations. 

2D CAD drawings are still very relevant for those in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing industries and can still be the preferred option on some projects, instead of 3D CAD services. Explore how 2D CAD is still relevant for many sectors below. 

Meeting Requirements with 2D CAD Drawings 

While 3D CAD services are brilliant for providing easy to navigate walk throughs and less restricted views of plans, having information in 3D is not always necessary. For example, projects including piping layouts and other MEP drawings will prefer a 2D drawing to meet their requirements. 

Easier to Amend Designs 

2D CAD designs are easier to amend. During the planning process of a project, it is likely that adjustments may need to be made to designs, which can be quite time consuming on a 3D model. Therefore, 2D CAD design can be much more flexible and can be more beneficial when experimenting with different designs. 

Reliable Software 

2D CAD software can be very beneficial when it comes to making some manual calculations redundant with mechanical, plumbing and electrical work. You may find that when using manually calculated figures, errors will be easy to flag when they are entered into the software. This can be great for accuracy in designs. 

Switching from Paper to Computer Aided Drawings 

While we already know that computer aided designs can be easier to edit accurately, there are other benefits of leaving paper behind. 2D CAD design is easy to share, which can provide easier collaboration on projects managed over long distances and can be more accommodating when changes need to be made. This alone can make projects with many people involved smoother, quicker and more convenient. 

Enquiring About Our 2D CAD Drawings 

Our team here at Outsource CAD provides CAD design services to a variety of industry sectors, where the majority require 2D AutoCAD drawings. Our service is dedicated to meeting clients’ specific requirements, while tailoring our CAD standards to match theirs, working to a high standard and meeting delivery timeframes.  

To get a quote for our 2D CAD drawings, please contact our team who will be happy to help. 


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