Benefits of P&ID Tag Extraction for Your Company

P&ID Tag Extraction can be extremely useful for Oil and Gas companies, who are constantly under pressure to analyse large quantities of complex metadata in short spaces of time.

Before we delve into the benefits of carrying out this type of project, we must first discuss what Tag Extractions are.

Engineering Tag Extractions are all about capturing data from symbols on P&ID Drawings and equipment datasheets, and then inputting that data onto an excel spreadsheet for engineering professionals to examine and validate.

The corresponding drawing number is also listed next to the data, which makes it much easier for the plant workers to check the content.

So, now that you know how they work, here are a few reasons why you should look at carrying out a P&ID Tag Extraction in your plant.

Better Process Monitoring

Firstly, P&ID Drawings can be extremely difficult to read, as they are often crammed with noisy textual information and overlapping pipes.

This makes it very challenging for plant workers to monitor the processes of the plant effectively, which is crucial with regards to health and safety.

P&ID Tag Extractions make this process much quicker and easier by identifying the component, its specific location and how it’s connected.


Regularly checking the data of an Oil and Gas plant is extremely important in case there are any issues with the process. If there is a problem, it needs to be resolved quickly and resolutely before it escalates.

Extracting data from the diagrams allows plant workers to identify the problem and deal with it in good time.

Outsourcing CAD Services

It is also beneficial to outsource Tag Extraction projects to a company who are skilled and experienced in collecting data from P&ID Drawings, and also understand the many different regulations involved in these projects.

At Outsource CAD, we have successfully delivered an array of P&ID Tag Extraction projects for multinational Oil and Gas companies.

Our team of skilled experts have extensive experience in gathering P&ID data from a variety of different plants and rigs and then consolidating them into a P&ID database. Besides this, we can also provide a range of Architectural and CAD services, such as Redline Mark-ups and AS Built Drawings.

If you have any questions about P&ID Tag Extractions or you would like to enquire about outsourcing our services, please get in touch with our dedicated team.


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