In years gone by, should you need a visual representation of how a large scale architectural design project would look on completion, you would need to create a scale physical model of the planned construction. However, a scale model would never truly provide a realistic feel for the building. With huge advances in CAD in recent years, a visual representation of even the largest architectural projects can now be created through the 3D rendering process.

What is 3D Rendering?

3D architectural rendering allows construction industry professionals to fully envisage and get a feel for a project in a way that 2D plans or a scale 3D model simply can’t. 3D rendering creates a complete visualisation that conveys an extremely realistic and versatile experience of a construction project, whether reviewing design concepts, or providing a complete digital walkthrough.

There are so many important advantages of 3D rendering services to support large scale designs and architectural projects, including:

Visualisation and Perspective

Whilst a traditional physical scale model provides an idea of how a design will look from a distance, it doesn’t give any real sense of scale or perspective. In contrast, 3D rendering allows for a detailed and realistic visualisation. Through 3D visualisation, it’s possible to gain a sense of scale and perspective of how the finished project will look. 

You can see through your own eyes not only how the finished proportions of a build will look, but also, specific aesthetic details and textures. 3D visualisations provide an unrivalled level of precision.

Testing and Time Saving

A key benefit of 3D rendering is that it allows architectural designers to test specific design contexts. When it comes to the construction of a building, a lot can be learned from 3D visualisations in terms of which design elements will work, and which will need to be reworked. This can help to save a lot of time and labour in the long term. Testing at the 3D design stage cuts out mistakes at a later stage, and a construction project can start immediately when all digital design tests and experiments are completed.

It’s important to consider that people can learn and gain understanding much easier when they have visual stimulation, so 3D rendering can help ensure important information is taken in quickly and key decisions are made in a timely manner.

Construction Staging

Once construction has started, 3D visualisation allows architectural designers to show the progress of a large scale project in stages, feeding back to developers, investors and stakeholders, as well as showing what the next stages of construction will be. 


By creating 3D renderings, architects can seamlessly show a wide range of concepts and design options for a project, showing which routes can be taken in terms of interior and exterior design.

3D Rendering Services

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