Why Architects Should Utilise 3D CAD Models Before Launching Large Scale Projects

At the start of every planning process architects and engineers will sit to discuss their project requirements and their ideas on making it work. Sketches will be drawn to create a visual representation of their thoughts. However, pen and pencil aren’t always the most effective method anymore, especially when there are 3D CAD models services readily available.

Here are a few of many benefits of 3D CAD models in the architectural industry:

1. Fast Results

2D CAD drawings are great for making approximations on whether different aspects of a project will work well together. However, professionals need to reliable data first time round, which 3D CAD solutions are much better at providing, as they paint a more accurate picture of your project.

2. Visual Representations

Architects can shape 3D models in a way that you can’t so much with 2D models. With 3D CAD models, professionals can trial possible scenarios to help validate their plans and uncover any potential issues before the real work has begun.

It also provides the opportunity to make any changes to the design if needed, as it’s much easier to consider the changes in the planning stages rather than during construction. Therefore, saving architects masses of time and money as they can be well prepared.

3. Shortened Lead Times

The reliability and flexibility that 3D CAD models bring to the design process, allows professionals to spend less time designing and more time completing other tasks within their project. Thanks to the accuracy of 3D modelling, enabling architects to consider potential issues and ideas prior to the project launch, it saves time in their busy schedules and expands their budgets.

4. Advantage for Marketing & Project Approvals

A 3D model can bring your design to life for a more clearer representation of your ideas and really impress your clients. They will be able to easily identify what your plans are and can make more thorough suggestions and approvals as they have a clearer idea on what they are investing in.

Many people also believe that you will gain project approval quicker with a 3D CAD model.

5. No Language Barriers

With a lot of 2D designs you may need to guide your client through it and explain aspects of the design so they can visualise it in their own mind. However, with 3D design because it’s a lot more visual and precise, it lessens the need for explanations, which can be particularly helpful when a language barrier is present with clients.

Here at Outsource CAD we are surrounded by a team of expert CAD modelling technicians who provide accurate and efficient 3D CAD modelling visualisations. Within our 3D modelling service, you will receive a conversion of hand-drawn sketches, 2D CAD into 3D models and design concepts, as well as landscaping contouring and 3D fly-through animations.

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