How 3D Architectural Drawings Can Help Overcome the Key Challenges Faced by Architects

In any building project, the challenges facing architects, designers, developers and builders are considerable. It can be hard to convey in a 2D design exactly how a proposed structure will look when in use, so it can be difficult for projects to gain approval from public and government officials, or even capture the interest and support of stakeholders.

By using the latest innovative techniques in 3D visualisation technology, many of the stumbling blocks faced by architects can be overcome. By replacing or complementing 2D drawings with 3D architectural drawings, designs can have a much bigger impact:

Stakeholders can visualise a project much more easily

Whereas 2D drawings can only show a bird’s eye view of one storey of a building or structure at any one time, 3D architectural drawings and visualisations allow for a virtual walk-through. Stakeholders can gain a much more visual understanding of a design by seeing what the finished result will look like, viewing the structure as if they were standing inside it. Whilst 2D drawings allow you to focus on one area at a time in basic detail, 3D visualisation takes you on a virtual tour from one area to another.

By being able to visualise a complete project, stakeholders are much more likely to give the go-ahead based on architectural plans.

Public and Government approval can be obtained faster

Using only 2D drawings, it can be a slow process gaining approval for a project from public and government officials. However, by providing a 3D walk-through of building proposals, officials can see exactly how vehicles and pedestrians would move around and through the structure and how this would affect the surrounding environment.

Whilst speed is essential in the architectural design industry, it can sometimes take more than eight months to gain building permits. The average time taken to review a proposal for a commercial build is between 49 and 51 days. Creating 3D architectural drawings can ensure that this process moves much quicker. A 3D visualisation can help to eradicate any concerns early on.

3D architectural drawings make for more dynamic marketing materials

When it comes to promoting a building project, 3D architectural drawings are a great asset in winning stakeholder support. As well as captivating still images of what the finished result can be expected to look like, 3D virtual tours of a structure can create a lot more interest in a project.

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